Meet Zoomie!

Posted on January 17, 2010

Since I train and compete in agility, I get to watch a lot of Border Collies and I have a ton of respect for their intelligence and athleticism on an agility course. But to see a group of them interact with each other at home – it’s downright entertaining. All of the circling…and stalking…I think I could probably watch them for hours without getting bored! Out of Angelica’s three Border Collie boys, I think Zoomie was probably the least interested in my presence. It’s not that he isn’t sweet or friendly, but he only had eyes for one thing – the FRISBEE.

Even though I couldn’t compete with the *frisbee*, I still love Zoomie. He’s such a cool dog and I especially enjoyed watching him and his mom show off one of their tricks – I think it’s officially called the “dog stall”? There’s no way I could do this trick with one of my dogs unless I wanted a broken back (or face!) so I was very impressed!

Here’s Zoomie…oh and TicTac (the tourist) makes another guest appearance!

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Courteous Canine, Inc.

Tampa Dog Photography

My Frisbee!


Zoomie - Border Collie

Meet Bella – Papillon

Posted on January 17, 2010

I’m guessing that it probably takes a special dog to live in a household with three Border Collie boys, and Bella is certainly a special girl. Appropriately nicknamed “Master of the Universe”, Bella has tons of attitude and personality! Like many other Papillons I’ve met, she’s really a great big dog disguised in a tiny, adorable package. Fierce and ferocious, yet very sweet, Bella is such a neat dog and I really enjoyed capturing her playful personality.

Bella’s mom Angelica owns Courteous CanineĀ Inc., a dog training school in the Tampa area that uses only positive training methods. They offer a wide range of classes from obedience to agility, and recently added Florida’s first dock jumping pool and and dog dock training program! Not only have I taken a class from them, but I also know several of the instructors personally and I can honestly say that they are a great group. So if you live in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for a great place to train your dogs (or cats), be sure to check them out!

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Run Bella Run

Bella Attitude

Tampa Dog Photography

Ferocious Bella

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