Lucky – Black Lab

I’m starting to think that it must be black lab week! No complaints here though – I happen to love labs and Lucky was no exception. This pretty girl is almost three years old and is also a rescue. (Hooray for rescue pups!) She was a great little model and even though we had to cut our session short due to thunder in the area (she is *not* a fan), I still managed to get some nice shots, and had a great time with her and her family. Lucky is one very lucky girl!


I love-love her eyes, and that smile – what a happy girl!

Happy Lab!

Here Lucky is demonstrating her awesome “leave it” skills…very impressive!



Pretty Girl

And finally, Lucky showing off her pout – who could possibly resist that face?!

Pouty Face

8 thoughts on “Lucky – Black Lab

  1. Kim is an incredible photographer who has a great way with animals. She was able to bring out the best in Lucky. Lucky fell in love with her immediately. She is patient, kind and also flexible with kids trying to help out!
    Lucky was so happy to work with her.
    Thanks Kim.


  2. The family says the best is the second to last and a close second is the second from the front.
    Have a great summer! Ohio is great and the weather is very cool compared to Texas


  3. These are great photos of Lucky. So hard to choose! Lucky has a beautiful shiny coat. My favorites are 5 and 2, but all of them are so expressive.


  4. I’m gonna be different and say that my favorite is #3. Her her coat is so incredibly shiny that it resembles a work of art more than a photograph.


  5. What a cutie! In photo number 4 (the one where she is resting her head on the floor) she is a dead ringer for Keegan … He has that same expression and the same eye color!


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