7 Dogs + 1 Kitty = FUN

I think I set a personal record today by photographing seven dogs in one sitting! This was a really neat bunch – all rescue dogs with the exception of one, and a wide range of personalities. Here is just a little sneak peek at just a few of my favorites…

First up is Corey – Sheltie with attitude and future agility star.


Next is Beezer, a Keeshound mix – love that smile!


And Eddie, the Beagle – gotta love Beagles!


Then there’s Lil Dog, who is um, a little dog. Bichon to be exact.

Lil Dog

And Sheena, another Keeshound with a very cool cut.


Next is Cassie, another Beagle. Did I mention that I love Beagles?


And last but certainly not least – Casey, the yellow lab.


Oh and I can’t forget the kitty! He was the session supervisor.


Whew. Hopefully I got all the names straight! Thanks Elizabeth, for having me over to photograph your kids – it was fun!

4 thoughts on “7 Dogs + 1 Kitty = FUN

  1. As usual, incredible photos! I love them all, but especially Casey’s and Buford’s … you really captured all of the kids beautifully. Thank you so much for your time, and especially patience, with my crazy furry crowd. They all took really nice naps after you left 🙂


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