Meet Mackey!

Mackey is an 11 year old Rottweiler/Bull Mastiff mix who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in September 2008 and was given just one month to live. Well, it’s been nearly a year and he’s still going strong! Other than a slight limp, I thought that he looked fantastic and I can only hope that he continues to enjoy life as long as possible. He certainly is a very special and happy guy. A big thank you to his mom for having me out while I was in Indiana – I really enjoyed my time with Mackey and his brother Yogi, who you’ll be meeting very soon.

Mackey’s story is such an inspiration and a reminder that our time with our furry friends is much too short. Every day is such a gift – now go hug your pups!

Mackey Smiles

Mackey - Indiana Pet Photography


Country Boy


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