Woof Gang Bakery – Sarasota

I stopped by the Woof Gang Bakery in Sarasota last week to drop off a few of my gallery wrapped canvases, and I just had to take a few pictures of some of the “help”.

But first, the store – I *love* the decor! Recognize that pretty girl with the big smile up in the corner?

Woof Gang Bakery Sarasota

And here’s Tito – seriously one of the coolest kitties I’ve ever met. I think he must be the supervisor…

Woof Gang Bakery Kitty

Then there’s Finn, who is one of the greeters. Isn’t he handsome!? My dogs would all like to know how they can apply for such a cool job…

Woof Gang Bakery Dog

Not pictured are Ozzie and Dixie, but they will be making an appearance here very soon! Be sure to stop by the Sarasota store and say hello to these guys (and to see some of my work!) – Woof Gang is located on Osprey Avenue (right off of Hillview) in Sarasota. For directions, or to find a WGB near you, click here.

One thought on “Woof Gang Bakery – Sarasota

  1. Great job Kim. I really appreciate all the time you took to photograph my pets. It wasn’t an easy job, and you were so very patient. I love your work!


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