The Dachshund Duo

Meet Ozzie and Finn, quite possibly two of the cutest Doxies *ever*! Dachshunds are a breed near and dear to my heart – I grew up with a mini black and tan named Ebony, and she was such a good dog. My parents now have a little red girl and I’ve been trying to convince them that Lucy needs a friend – maybe these pictures will help?

Anyway, these two are so much fun and they really do make the perfect pair. They are both full of energy and I really enjoyed watching them run around their neighborhood – they even showed off their (very impressive) swimming skills in the lake! First up is Finn…




And here’s Oz…is it just me, or does he have “mischief” written all over his cute little face?


Oz - Sarasota Pet Photography



Finn & Oz

Thanks again Crystal, for letting me play with your fun trio!

5 thoughts on “The Dachshund Duo

  1. Kim, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful photos of Dixie, Ozz, Finn, and Tito. I just keep looking at them over and over again. You were really able to capture their crazy spirits.


  2. I’ve been in Woof Gang Bakery on Osprey Ave. and have seen the two doxies… Kim you did an awesome job. I love the colors, not to mention the subjects.


  3. We have 2 mini’s also Ali and Tyson they are just puppies smooth haired but the pictures taken are amazing they are two beautiful dogs wish we had photographers here in Ontario that were so talented!!!


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