2 thoughts on “More Indy Horses

  1. Kim, I’m so glad that Pongo is doing better and praying for his continued recovery. I enjoy your writings. Even I forget that the Spotties are not human children. You “read” & know them as though they were. Actually, they are your children and best friends, especially Pongo as your long time friend.
    Your horse, T-Go, is beautiful. Should I read anything psychologically into the photo with the current rider’s face/head not seen? lol All of the horsey photos are brilliant… You have quite an eye for seeing animal’s personalities from all “angles”.
    I must confess the reason I don’t get too many cats or dogs is that I live longer than them. I’m mentally damaged…. lol…. from losing my Toy Manchester, Candy, when I was 14 and she was only a few years old. She had a nerve disease. It was devastating to me and I fear getting close to another one. I did get a long-haired angora cat that was our baby during our empty-nest syndrome. We had her for 14 years.
    Your cousin,


  2. Hi Calena, thanks for stopping by! And I can understand – our time with them is much too short. I try not to think about it too much – it’s better to focus on the happiness they bring. 🙂


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