Border Collie Invasion | Tampa Pet Photography

Border Collies are slowly taking over my blog…and I love it! Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of hanging out with three Border Collies and a Papillon. To say that I had a really fun time would be an understatement! Seriously, these guys were all great to photograph, and I can only imagine the endless entertainment that they provide. Fun times! I’ve got a lot of  favorites, but here are just a few…more coming soon!

First up is TicTac…

Florida Pet Photographer

Zoomie in the front, TicTac hanging out in the back. TicTac is like one of those random tourists that you find in the background of all of your vacation pics.

Border Collie Photography

Stevie…I just love this guy!

Dog Photography

And last, but certainly not least, Bella. This girl has TONS of personality and clearly holds her own in a group of silly Border Collie boys!

Tampa Pet Photography

2 thoughts on “Border Collie Invasion | Tampa Pet Photography

  1. Amazing! I would love to have one border collie, I couldn’t imagine having 3. I bet you had a fantastic time. I’ve watched agility shows with border collies and they had bucket loads of energy.


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