Boomer + Bounce

Are you starting to notice a trend here? First we had the IG’s Bella, Bailey, Brie, and Beau. And today we have Boomer and Bounce. Hmmm… 🙂

First up is Boomer, who seems to be a very laid back hunk of a guy, who isn’t in a big hurry to get anywhere and was more than happy to hang out and look pretty. He definitely gets the award for the most consistent model…the camera just *loves* him – such a handsome boy!

Boomer the Aussie

Tampa Pet Photography

Bounce, on the other hand, lives on planet Bounce, and thought the idea of having a family portrait was rather ridiculous. To say that she even acknowledged my presence would be a stretch, but I still can’t help but to love her. She crazy, but in an awesome have-to-love kind of way. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s a beauty…even with her crazy long tongue!

Border Collie Photography

Bounce the Border Collie

Um, Bounce…how do you really feel? 🙂

Oh Bounce!

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