Meet Ipo | Bradenton Pet Photographer

Ipo (ee-po) is Hawaiian for precious, and it’s the perfect name for this 6 month old little girl. Ipo is sweet, yet sassy, and in the short time I spent with her, she managed to have me wrapped around her little paw. She wasn’t falling for any of my usual (and very reliable, I must add) tricks, and made it clear that if I wanted to take her picture, she must be compensated in treats…and don’t even think about being stingy! Such a smart girl…I just love her poodle curls, the little white patch on her chin, and the adorable kink in her tail. Her mom and dad certainly have their hands full, but I think they found the perfect match!

A big thank you to Ipo and family for a wonderful evening!

Meet Ipo

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Ipo - Poodle Mix

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