Gandalf + Sirius

Gandalf is a Newfoundland  – a sweet and beautiful boy who at just two years old, is dying from bone cancer. I can’t imagine what his family is going through…we are never given enough time with our beloved companions, but to face a loss at such a young age is incomprehensible. And needless to say, every single moment is precious.

In the short amount of time I spent with them, one thing is clear…there’s definitely no shortage of love in this family. And to see the way Gandalf looked at them…it was so very special.

Gandalf - Newfoundland


Gandalf has a big brother named Sirius, who is six years old. I fell in love with his big soulful eyes…such a very sweet boy.

Sirius - Newfoundland

My heart aches for Gandalf and his family, but I hope that their images will bring smiles and comfort in the days to come. Now, my friends, go hug your pups…and remember that every day is a gift.

3 thoughts on “Gandalf + Sirius

  1. The eyes of an angel. He is the sweetest boy. I knew he was special when we rescued him that day. He couldn’t wait to get away from the women who had him locked up in a garaage. He has had nothing but lots of love since finding Lisa and Richard. My heart hurts when i look into his sweet eyes. Great pictures.


  2. Great pictures of “our” granddogs! We are so very proud of Lisa and Richard for being “foster” parents to Newfoundland dogs. The fact that they adopted Sirius and Gandalf is wonderful and the love they give them is amazing. They are all very special!


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