Remembering Pongo

One month ago today I lost my best friend. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been a whole month…it seems like just yesterday I held him in my arms while he took his last breath. Where does the time go?

Since Pongo’s passing, I’ve been working on a few special photography projects. When he first started having health problems early last fall, I found it difficult to do much with any of his images. I just couldn’t look at them without thinking that they might be some of the last photographs that I would ever have of him…and at the time, that was not something that I wanted to accept.

But now that he’s gone, I just can’t stop looking at his photographs. It’s not that I need a picture to help me remember him, but every image sparks a memory of our time together. Ah, the power of photography. It’s been so therapeutic to finally be able to go back and work on some of his images from the past several months.

I hope to share some of my projects soon, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some photos from Pongo’s trip to Venice dog beach last November. Pongo absolutely *loved* the beach…I remember he used to make the strangest noises on the car ride there – I think it was a cross between a whine/cry/moan, and it made us laugh every time! This was our last trip to the beach together and I’m so glad that I have these images to help remember such a happy time.

Love and miss you Pongo!

Remembering Pongo - Venice Beach

Pongo - Venice Dog Beach

Goodbye Pongo

Beach Dalmatian

Pongo - Venice Paw Park

Pongo - Venice Beach

Remembering Pongo

6 thoughts on “Remembering Pongo

  1. Good for you, Kim. Beautiful photos of a beautiful dog. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to get to know him.


  2. My Heart Centered Love and Light to you at this time. May 11 2010 was my 6 month mark of the loss of my Best Friend Sir Chocco Latte Chippe aka Chipper to his friends !! ❤ 14+ years of Life….. 6 months of After Life… you say…Where DOES the time go {{ ❤ }}


  3. It is so powerful and beautiful to see Pongo in these images! He was one special guy and if you look real close in his eyes, you know that he loved every minute of life and his family. He will be etched in our hearts forever!


  4. These images stirred my heart. The depth of your photography illustrates the beauty of each dog…the honesty of their character explodes. The wonder and joy within Pongo are beautiful!


  5. I lost my poodle Rizzo 5 years ago, 2 weeks after her 4th birthday. I still weep at the thought of her and have a difficult time looking at her photos. They do etch themselves on your heart, don’t they?


  6. oh Kim – beautiful photos of Pongo. I know you still miss him! I can’t wait to see some more photo’s of him! Hugs from Steeler, Logan (and even Keegan) in MA.


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