Meet Nala | Sarasota Pet Photographer

I shared one of Nala’s images on Facebook last week with the comment that I *love-love-love* senior dogs. I though it was funny when one of my fans replied “Face it Kim…you love every dog!!”. And indeed, this is very true – BUT – seniors are extra special in my book.

While I have always been fond of them, it wasn’t until Pongo reached his senior years that I began to really truly appreciate senior dogs. And now that Pongo is gone, that appreciation continues to grow. I’ve been so fortunate to meet and photograph some very special seniors lately and it is has been such an honor. *Love* them!

Nala is 14 1/2 years young and one of my favorite breeds – a Belgian Malinois. Even though she has some hind-end weakness, she has a very playful personality and was happy to chomp on her tennis ball and big pink stuffie during our session. She’s such a happy girl, with a beautiful smile and some fabulous expressions…although I’m pretty sure she thought I was just a little crazy for all the rolling around in the grass I was doing!

Nala - Belgian Malinois

Sarasota Dog Photographer

Nala Smile!

*My* ball. Back off, crazy girl… 🙂

Nala Glare

Bradenton Pet Photography


Nala Stuffy!



Thank you Tiffany and Nala – I hope you love these images as much as I do!

4 thoughts on “Meet Nala | Sarasota Pet Photographer

  1. Nala is beautiful! Senior dogs’ faces melt my heart (good thing, since mine are 14 and 17!) They’re under-appreciated treasures. 🙂


  2. Sherri, it is a very good thing! And yes, they are certainly treasures…
    And thanks Kimberly – that last pic was an “oops”, but it made me laugh. Attack of the giant pink stuffie!


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