Aussie Power!

Ah, my poor little neglected blog…one of these days I might get back on schedule, but in the meantime, I’ve been staying busy and having lots of fun with some awesome pups! Or in this case, perhaps I should say aussome?

Meet Rascal, Lucy, and Bolo – three  ADORABLE miniature Aussies, who are also rescues! These guys have sooooo much energy –  they make my spotty dogs look like real couch potatoes. I had such a great time with them, and will be sharing more of my favorites soon.

I hope everyone had a nice, long holiday weekend! Peyton and I are heading up to Georgia tomorrow for a four day agility trial – FUN!

Rascal - Mini Aussie

Lucy - Mini Aussie

Bolo - Mini Aussie

5 thoughts on “Aussie Power!

  1. Well I am a little bias but these definately show how beautiful aussies are! Great Shots showing their intensity…. how did we ever get them to sit still for a moment??


  2. Love the minis (my girls are full-blown big ole aussies!) and these lil guys are soooooo cute!! Love that 2nd shot the best. 🙂 I will agree, they are much more difficult to photograph… our chocolate Lab is pretty easygoing and loves to have his photo snapped. The aussie kids are another story!


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