Meet Angel

Angel is a 5 year old Lab/Golden mix – I think that makes her a Labragolden? In any case, she is a very sweet, very playful, and very pretty girl!

Angel - Labragolden

Port Charlotte Dog Photograper

Angel is pretty much a frisbee nut  – *all* she wanted to do is play with the frisbee. So we played! I just love her expression in this image…so intense!

Frisbee Nut

Unfortunately Angel got pretty hot playing outside and started to look a little like a grizzly bear with the world’s largest tongue…

Oh my!

So we decided to move inside so she could cool off. Luckily for me, I had a beautiful red wall to work with!

Florida Pet Photographer

And finally one more image of Angel’s kitty friend. Sorry kitty…I don’t remember your name, but please don’t jump on my head!

Florida Cat Photography

Thanks again to Angel and her family for a great session!

One thought on “Meet Angel

  1. First, you will need to send the nice, strong horizontal to me to add to the Holistic site. And second, my very own Miss Kaley was a golden/lab mix – I always described her as a short-haired Golden. Her color was dark gold, almost russet and her coat was unbelievably soft. It did, however, take FOREVER to dry. I have a strong affinity for this mix.


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