Will Work for Puppy Breath | Dalmatian Puppies!

It’s not a big surprise to anyone who knows me, or follows my blogs, that Dalmatians are my breed of choice. I don’t think that there’s much that makes me smile more than a Dalmatian puppy, and as you may have noticed, I’ve been suffering from a bad case of dalpuppyitis lately. So naturally, when I learned of a litter of EIGHT puppies (sired by one of my favorite Dalmatians) was here in Florida, I just had to meet and photograph them!

These little guys and gals (5 males/3 females) were exactly five weeks old when I met them on Friday and oh. my. goodness. they. are. SO. CUTE. For the record, they were not the easiest subjects I’ve ever photographed – at one point I think at least 6 of them were either under me (working on untying my shoelaces) or attempting to crawl in my lap. Absolutely no complaints here though!

Those little smooshy puppy noses, their little grunts and squeals, the way they stumble/waddle/run – ADORABLE. And of course, I can’t forget to mention the puppy breath! They are all so darn cute and so much fun; I don’t know that I could even pick a favorite – although I’ll admit to being slightly partial to the little blue-eyed boy.

Now for my little public service announcement: As with any breed, Dalmatians are not for everyone. If you are looking for a Dalmatian, please do your research first and make sure that you find a reputable breeder that stands for outstanding health and temperament in the breed -or- support your local Dalmatian rescue. Of course, this is true for *any* puppy, but since I occasionally receive comments from individuals wanting to breed to my (both spayed/neutered, rescued) spotty dogs, I thought it was worth stating here.

A super big thanks to the R family for letting me come up and get a much needed puppy fix!

9 thoughts on “Will Work for Puppy Breath | Dalmatian Puppies!

  1. These are so sweet. Gosh I remember the puppy breath, I couldn’t get enough. Now at 7 months old, we haven’t quite reached dog breath, but puppy breath is a distance memory.

    Your pics are gorgeous; I’m inspired and now want to get some more puppy shots.


  2. What precious babies! They are about the same age as my new puppy! I am so excited to get mine… and this makes me smile. Except mine will be of the liver spots. 🙂 Delta, the one I have now, has a single blue eye. They are so unique. I absolutely love your photos of the cute little pups. 🙂


  3. Awww, great puppy pictures. So cute, makes me want another one! So Kim, will you be getting one of the puppies or are you still just trying to find a temporary cure for dalpuppyitis, LOL?


  4. Ha! This visit was just for pictures and puppy breath. I don’t think it helped my dalpuppitis at all! (And yes, Jenn – it is highly contagious!)


  5. LOVE THESE LITTLE guys, I have a 5 month old dal from the same dad as these pups, We call him Ben. We got our first spotty pup from the R’s a few years ago.


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