Meet Herbie

Meet one of my newest friends, Herbie. He’s a nine year (young) lab mix, who looks 99.9% lab to me – although he is a *really* big guy! Unfortunately Herbie has been recently diagnosed with bone cancer, but clearly no one has told him – he’s happy as can be! Other than a slight limp, he looks great and has that wonderful Lab smile (and some goofy faces) that’s totally contagious. Well, contagious to everyone except his one year old human Josh, who was not exactly impressed with our photo session. But that’s okay; Josh is still a cutie and we did manage to find a few smiles near the end!

I hope Herbie has many happy, smiling days ahead. Thank you Leslie and Kelley, for giving me the chance to meet your awesome boy.

5 thoughts on “Meet Herbie

  1. The pictures look amazing! Thanks for taking Herbie and Josh’s pictures Kim. I am hoping for many more happy days with herbie.


  2. Kim,
    I subscribe to your photos via an RSS feed, so I get to see them all of the time. All of your photos are so wonderful, but today I just had to comment on the 4th photo down of Herbie. That is my favorite as the background is so beautfiul. The way the trees are blurred, the way the green and blue colors pop (and match Herbies collar). The trees also have a bit of sparkle going on which I love…. great job!


  3. Priceless. These pictures are so beautiful and capture the amazing essence of Herbie. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! xo


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