Meet Tardy | A Horse of Course!

I will freely admit to not being much of a morning person, but give me some lovely morning light and a gorgeous horse to work with, and I’m all yours! Meet my new friend Tardy – not only is she strikingly beautiful, but she has *the best* personality. She’s sweet, smart, and just a little sassy! I had such a lovely time working with her and her mom, and enjoyed reminiscing about my horsey days back in Indiana.

These two make such a perfect match! Tardy clearly adores Leann, and without a doubt, the feeling is mutual. Although Tardy is beautiful all on her own, I just *love-love* the images of the two of them together – simply gorgeous!

Thank you Leann and Tardy for a fabulous morning!

6 thoughts on “Meet Tardy | A Horse of Course!

  1. Hi Kim – I just love, love, love these pics of Tardy…me not so much, but it’s not due to the wonderful job you’ve done, it’s that I can never get over that I don’t actually look like a supermodel…oh well. Tardy looks perfect, is it possible you can shave down my double chin…ha ha…seriously though…:)


  2. Leann, I think you and Tardy BOTH look like SUPERMODELS. These are some seriously LOVELY photos…..Kim is the GREATEST!!


  3. I think you have captured Tardy at her best. She is not a photogenic horse and I’m very pleased with what I see here. You brought the best out in her through your talented work. I enjoyed checking out all your photos. You do wonderful work, I’m inspired by the detailing and colors. I hope to see more of your work in the future. Best Wishes!


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