Party of Four | Downtown Dogs!

I really enjoy working with multiple dogs during a session, and when they are different breeds, it’s a plus! I have to say that this group was probably one of the more diverse that I’ve worked with, but I love how perfectly they complement each other. Such a fun bunch!

First up, a group shot – minus my friend Harry, who was likely attached to my leg at the time. Small dogs unite!

Timmy is a Chihuahua (mix?) and his expressions crack. me. up. They range from soft and sweet to…hmm, I think this first image says it best.


Andy is a Chinese Crested and is also quite the character…I think he might be one of those serious actor/model types who wants to be known for more than just his rockstar hair. : )

Oliver, a Brussels Griffon, was the shy one in the group. I get the impression that he was silently laughing at me in these shots…what a face!

And last, but certainly not least, is Harry! He’s also a Brussels and is such a sweet, sweet little guy. While the others were busy running around doing their thing, Harry could be found right by my side.

“Oh hi! Cookies for me? Yes, please!”

Harry has a cleft lip (also known as a harelip) which does give him a funny little smile, but also makes him extra special. Did I mention how sweet he is?

I had such a nice time hanging out with these guys; thank you “S” family for a lovely session!

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