Sunny + Pede | Senior Sweeties

I love my senior sessions, and these two most certainly did not disappoint! Sunny is a gorgeous Rottie girl and Pede is a handsome Border Collie boy (and quite the comedian, I must add). Both are 11 years young and *super* sweet. Here are a few previews from their recent session. Happy Friday!

Aussies and Minis and a Border Collie – OH MY!

As promised, here are the rest of Pryce puppy’s lovely canine (and equine) family! I’m missing little Zoe, the papillon, but since she wasn’t feeling too great the morning of our session, I didn’t get too many images of her. Hopefully she forgives me. : )

First up are Owen (left) and Nike – both have awesome and highly contagious smiles, but I think Owen wins the “most likely to be a cartoon character” award.

Owen is also in charge of watching *his* two miniature horses.

Next up is Zeke. His expressions crack me up and I can’t help but to think that he knows something that I don’t…and he’s not telling!

This little guy (I forget his name) has a rockin’ hairdo!

And finally we have sweet Trace and his puppy friend, Pryce. I am so sad to report that Trace passed away the week following our session, just shy of 13 years old. I had the pleasure of knowing Trace for several years; he was a remarkable dog and I know his family is missing him terribly.

Courteous Canines

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of photographing Angelica’s entire canine crew – they were a really fun bunch! Well, this past weekend I headed back up to Tampa and this time I got to play with some of their friends and fellow students at Courteous Canine. Even though it was HOT (welcome to summer in Florida!) everyone seemed to have a great time. With several outdoor areas for agility, an indoor (air conditioned) training building, and a DOCK JUMPING POOL, what more could a dog possibly want!?

Suzi would like for me to get out of her way, thank you very much.

Suzi - Tunnel


Courteous Canine - Tire Jump

You may remember Keegan, the red Border Collie I photographed last December. Not only is he gorgeous, but he’s also incredibly athletic and I might even use the word “graceful” when I watch him on the agility course. Now Keegan, you know I adore you, and please don’t take this the wrong way…but I’m not sure you’re going to score any style points in the sport of dock jumping. But you’re still absolutely adorkable!

Keegan - Dock Jumping

Perhaps Rumble can give you some pointers? 🙂

Rumble - Dock Jumping

Courteous Canine - Tampa

These were just a few of the pups who came out to play…hopefully I can share some more soon!

Last, but certainly not least – meet Power! He is Angelica’s new Border Collie pup and he is SO STINKIN’ CUTE!! Angelica is going to have so much fun with this little guy…that is unless he *accidently* makes his way over to my house when she’s not looking. I seem to have a never ending case of puppy fever, and Power is not helping it ONE. LITTLE. BIT.

Power Puppy!

Tampa Pet Photographer

Thanks again Angelica and friends for having me out to photograph your pups…you all did great! (And yes, even Keegan…who I’m guessing is not happy about me posting that photo and is now planning his revenge.)

Boomer + Bounce

Are you starting to notice a trend here? First we had the IG’s Bella, Bailey, Brie, and Beau. And today we have Boomer and Bounce. Hmmm… 🙂

First up is Boomer, who seems to be a very laid back hunk of a guy, who isn’t in a big hurry to get anywhere and was more than happy to hang out and look pretty. He definitely gets the award for the most consistent model…the camera just *loves* him – such a handsome boy!

Boomer the Aussie

Tampa Pet Photography

Bounce, on the other hand, lives on planet Bounce, and thought the idea of having a family portrait was rather ridiculous. To say that she even acknowledged my presence would be a stretch, but I still can’t help but to love her. She crazy, but in an awesome have-to-love kind of way. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s a beauty…even with her crazy long tongue!

Border Collie Photography

Bounce the Border Collie

Um, Bounce…how do you really feel? 🙂

Oh Bounce!

Meet TicTac

TicTac is the youngest of the bunch (I think he’s 2) and so it’s understandable why he reminds me of a somewhat awkward teenager. (No offense to TicTac or teenagers – I think we’ve all probably been there!) It was so funny to watch him interact with the other dogs, and most of the time he could be found hanging out in the background (you know, like the really cool teens do). But despite the awkwardness, TicTac is a really sweet, handsome boy who just adores people. Here are a few of my favorites…

TicTac - Border Collie


Tampa Border Collie

Florida Dog Photography


Meet Stevie

I love all of Angelica’s dogs, but there’s just something about Stevie that pulls on my heartstrings. Perhaps it’s his mad frisbee pouncing talent, or his extremely sweet and soulful eyes, or maybe it’s his *the world is mine!* attitude…I don’t know, but I could have easily taken him home (hey, he *does* have spots!). I’m having the hardest time picking favorites from this session, but here are just a few of my Stevie favs!

Stevie - Border Collie


Stevie Pounce

Tampa Dog Photography

Florida Pet Photography

Florida Border Collie

Meet Zoomie!

Since I train and compete in agility, I get to watch a lot of Border Collies and I have a ton of respect for their intelligence and athleticism on an agility course. But to see a group of them interact with each other at home – it’s downright entertaining. All of the circling…and stalking…I think I could probably watch them for hours without getting bored! Out of Angelica’s three Border Collie boys, I think Zoomie was probably the least interested in my presence. It’s not that he isn’t sweet or friendly, but he only had eyes for one thing – the FRISBEE.

Even though I couldn’t compete with the *frisbee*, I still love Zoomie. He’s such a cool dog and I especially enjoyed watching him and his mom show off one of their tricks – I think it’s officially called the “dog stall”? There’s no way I could do this trick with one of my dogs unless I wanted a broken back (or face!) so I was very impressed!

Here’s Zoomie…oh and TicTac (the tourist) makes another guest appearance!

Dog Photography

Courteous Canine, Inc.

Tampa Dog Photography

My Frisbee!


Zoomie - Border Collie

Border Collie Invasion | Tampa Pet Photography

Border Collies are slowly taking over my blog…and I love it! Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of hanging out with three Border Collies and a Papillon. To say that I had a really fun time would be an understatement! Seriously, these guys were all great to photograph, and I can only imagine the endless entertainment that they provide. Fun times! I’ve got a lot of  favorites, but here are just a few…more coming soon!

First up is TicTac…

Florida Pet Photographer

Zoomie in the front, TicTac hanging out in the back. TicTac is like one of those random tourists that you find in the background of all of your vacation pics.

Border Collie Photography

Stevie…I just love this guy!

Dog Photography

And last, but certainly not least, Bella. This girl has TONS of personality and clearly holds her own in a group of silly Border Collie boys!

Tampa Pet Photography

Happy New Year!

Keegan gets the honor of being the subject of my very first post of 2010! Very fitting since he is such a superstar *and* a bit of an overachiever. Not only did he recently earn his NATCH (NADAC Agility Championship), but he also earned his Versatility NATCH during the same run! Without going into all of the specifics, I’ll just say that these awards require lots of speed, distance skills, and many, many clean runs. He’s such a fun dog!

Tampa Pet Photographer

Keegan - Border Collie

Border Collie Photography


Keegan Eyes

I’d like to wish all of my friends and fans a very Happy New Year! 2009 was a fantastic year for Simply Spotted Photography and I’m really looking forward to capturing many more smiles, and making lots of new furry friends, in 2010!