Oscar + Bentley | Boxer Giggles

I’ve always said that a sense of humor is a *requirement* if you are going to own be owned by Dalmatians. I’m pretty sure this applies to Boxers too – they are such characters!

I recently made a trip up to Tampa to meet two super awesome Boxer boys, Oscar and Bentley. They were so much fun! Because it was *really* hot out, I had a feeling that we were going to end up with quite a few funny faces, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had so many images from one session make me laugh as much as these did. Seriously, these guys make some of the best faces *ever*!

Bentley is the youngest of the two and while he wasn’t too sure about my camera at first, he warmed up quickly and became quite the camera hog!

Florida Boxer Photography

Tampa Dog Photography

What a face!

Bentley Smiles!

Oscar came from Boxer rescue and he’s a big boy, but so very sweet!

Boxer Photography

Florida Pet Photography

Florida Boxer Rescue

Thank you Oscar and Bentley for being such good sports and giving me so many smiles from our session! I had a really hard time picking my favorites so I might just have to share a few more soon…

Brodie + Brahma | Summertime Fun

Florida weather in July tends to vary from miserable to even more miserable, with a strong chance of thunderstorms. It can make summer sessions a challenge, but fortunately my four legged clients tend to handle the heat and humidity surprisingly well – especially when there’s water involved!

Some of you may remember my Boxer friends, Brodie and Brahma. I recently took their family portraits and couldn’t resist taking a few fun pictures of them enjoying a break from the heat. Boxers are always entertaining, but when you add water to the mix…SO MUCH FUN!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer – can you believe that today is the last day of July!? Time sure flies when you’re having fun! 🙂

Bradenton Pet Photography


Cooling off!

Hot Boxer!

Brahma the Boxer

Water Break

Boxer Fun

Brodie the Boxer

Yesterday I had a little session with Brodie the Boxer! Brodie’s mom is looking for a good head shot to match a picture I did for her last year of her Boxer Brahma. When it comes to people, Brodie is a little shy – actually fearful is a better word. But that’s okay – having a fearful dog myself, I can relate! And if anything, it’s given me a lot of helpful experience when it comes to photographing dogs who would rather not be my best friend.

Despite not wanting anything to do with me or my camera, we still got some really nice shots. Brodie is a very handsome guy, and proof that even shy dogs can shine in front of the camera!

Brodie the Boxer

Funny Brodie

Double Bubble

Bradenton Pet Photography

Boxer Photography

Brodie Tongue!

And finally, here’s a shot of Brodie’s brother Brahma, who was waiting patiently in the car…

Brahma the Boxer