Meet the IGs!

Italian Greyhounds are such fun little dogs…despite their fragile appearance, these guys can really MOVE. It was hysterical to watch them run all over the place (along with a Border Collie, an Aussie, and a Chinese Crested). A very entertaining bunch!

First is MACH Bella – Proving that a princess can be an agility champion…

Bella - Italian Greyhound

Then there’s MACH Bailey, whose eyes appear to be popping out of his head because he is obviously STARVING. His mom must never ever feed him. 🙂

Bailey - Italian Greyhound

And Brie, who seemed to be a little more on the shy side, but such a pretty girl.

Brie - Italian Greyhound

And last but not least, Beau. And those *eyes* – gorgeous!

Beau - Italian Greyhound