Meet Cosmo | Golden Retriever

Note to self: If you casually mention that you have only had to postpone one session this year because of rain (even while knocking on wood), it will *most definitely* rain. Such was the case for Cosmo’s session – as soon as we walked outdoors, it started to pour! Fortunately we were able to get some lovely shots indoors, and a few more outdoors when the rain finally let up. Gotta love Florida weather!

Cosmo is a very handsome 6 year old Golden Retriever. And like most Goldens, he’s a very happy, happy boy! I just love how regal he looks in these images…even with a few silly Golden smiles! Here are just a few of my favorites…

Florida Pet Photographer


Golden Retriever Photography

Cosmo - Golden Retriever

Sarasota Dog Photographer

Golden Smiles!

Thank you, Cosmo, for a fun session, despite the gloomy weather! Oh, and for my currently scheduled clients, there is a very good chance that it will rain. It might even storm. We will most likely have to reschedule.

Mother nature, are you listening?  (I’m thinking some reverse psychology might be the answer here.) 🙂

Gandalf + Sirius

Gandalf is a Newfoundland  – a sweet and beautiful boy who at just two years old, is dying from bone cancer. I can’t imagine what his family is going through…we are never given enough time with our beloved companions, but to face a loss at such a young age is incomprehensible. And needless to say, every single moment is precious.

In the short amount of time I spent with them, one thing is clear…there’s definitely no shortage of love in this family. And to see the way Gandalf looked at them…it was so very special.

Gandalf - Newfoundland


Gandalf has a big brother named Sirius, who is six years old. I fell in love with his big soulful eyes…such a very sweet boy.

Sirius - Newfoundland

My heart aches for Gandalf and his family, but I hope that their images will bring smiles and comfort in the days to come. Now, my friends, go hug your pups…and remember that every day is a gift.

Meet Pixie – Chinese Crested

Pixie here gets her very own post because she’s in a category of her own – awesomeness! Not an IG, not a herder, but a very cool hairless Chinese Crested. I think she’s the first Crested I’ve photographed, but hopefully not the last, because she was SO MUCH FUN. Seriously, this girl oozes personality and spunk…I just *love* her and her rock-star hair!

A big thank you again, Kathryn, for allowing me the opportunity to meet and photograph your crazy awesome beautiful family!

Pixie - Chinese Crested

Tampa Pet Photography

Chinese Crested Photography

Meet TicTac

TicTac is the youngest of the bunch (I think he’s 2) and so it’s understandable why he reminds me of a somewhat awkward teenager. (No offense to TicTac or teenagers – I think we’ve all probably been there!) It was so funny to watch him interact with the other dogs, and most of the time he could be found hanging out in the background (you know, like the really cool teens do). But despite the awkwardness, TicTac is a really sweet, handsome boy who just adores people. Here are a few of my favorites…

TicTac - Border Collie


Tampa Border Collie

Florida Dog Photography


Meet Zoomie!

Since I train and compete in agility, I get to watch a lot of Border Collies and I have a ton of respect for their intelligence and athleticism on an agility course. But to see a group of them interact with each other at home – it’s downright entertaining. All of the circling…and stalking…I think I could probably watch them for hours without getting bored! Out of Angelica’s three Border Collie boys, I think Zoomie was probably the least interested in my presence. It’s not that he isn’t sweet or friendly, but he only had eyes for one thing – the FRISBEE.

Even though I couldn’t compete with the *frisbee*, I still love Zoomie. He’s such a cool dog and I especially enjoyed watching him and his mom show off one of their tricks – I think it’s officially called the “dog stall”? There’s no way I could do this trick with one of my dogs unless I wanted a broken back (or face!) so I was very impressed!

Here’s Zoomie…oh and TicTac (the tourist) makes another guest appearance!

Dog Photography

Courteous Canine, Inc.

Tampa Dog Photography

My Frisbee!


Zoomie - Border Collie

Meet Jake

I headed down to Venice yesterday afternoon to meet Jake, a 12 year (young) Chow/Husky mix and his family. What a fun bunch!  Jake is a real sweet guy – I was warned that he never took treats from people he didn’t know, but within minutes we were best buds. What can I say; I bring good cookies! Jake has some serious rock-star hair complete with natural highlights, and the softest, thickest coat I think I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine the amount of shedding involved and I have Dalmatians – a breed known for shedding 365 days a year!

We had a great time, and I want to thank Jake and his family for having me over for a really fun session!

Venice Pet Photography


Jake Smiles

Jake - Venice Florida

Meet Tulip

Tulip might be tiny, but she’s got big personality! Not only is this little Papillon girl very cute and very sweet, but she also happens to be one of the most talented little dogs I have ever met. Her mom is an awesome clicker trainer and both Tulip and Mikey know more tricks than I can count. They are also learning agility and freestyle dancing – a very talented (and young) pair, that’s for certain!

I’ll be posting some more pictures of Mikey soon, but in the meantime please enjoy a few of my favorites of Tulip. I’m absolutely in *love* with her itty-bitty teeth in the first shot – isn’t she just adorable!?

Tulip Smile

Tulip Papilion


Florida Pet Photography

Tulip - Pet Photography

Tulip - Vero Beach