Meet Tristan | Tampa Portrait Photography

I find photographing kids very similar to photographing dogs…they are adorable, very entertaining, easily distractible, and highly motivated by treats. Not to mention, they can be a lot of fun! Tristan is one very cute three year old with a big personality and smile that is downright contagious. I dare you to take a look at this first image and not smile!

Tristan Smiles!

Tampa Portrait Photography

Sarasota Portrait Photography

 Tristan & Mom

Child Photography


Brodie the Boxer

Yesterday I had a little session with Brodie the Boxer! Brodie’s mom is looking for a good head shot to match a picture I did for her last year of her Boxer Brahma. When it comes to people, Brodie is a little shy – actually fearful is a better word. But that’s okay – having a fearful dog myself, I can relate! And if anything, it’s given me a lot of helpful experience when it comes to photographing dogs who would rather not be my best friend.

Despite not wanting anything to do with me or my camera, we still got some really nice shots. Brodie is a very handsome guy, and proof that even shy dogs can shine in front of the camera!

Brodie the Boxer

Funny Brodie

Double Bubble

Bradenton Pet Photography

Boxer Photography

Brodie Tongue!

And finally, here’s a shot of Brodie’s brother Brahma, who was waiting patiently in the car…

Brahma the Boxer

More Peyton + The Ball

As promised, here are some more pictures of Peyton! Did I mention that he’s just a little bit ball crazy? In every single picture I took of him, he’s either chasing the ball, carrying the ball, watching the ball, retrieving the ball out of the swimming pool, or looking for the ball. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BALL! What a cool little dog he is…

Sarasota Pet Photography


Run Peyton Run

Post Swimming

Eyes on the Ball

Peyton – A Peek!

Meet Peyton, a two year old Yorkie/Poodle mix. Not only does he share the same name as one of my spotty dogs, he also happens to be a Colts fan – how cool is that?! I fell in love with this little guy during our session – he’s black & white, absolutely adorable, and full of personality. Oh, and he is also a tennis ball fanatic! Look for more Peyton pictures coming soon…


Tennis Ball Fanatic

Peyton Smile

Sarasota Pet Photography

Colts Fan

Yogi the Corgi | Indiana Pet Photography

Meet Yogi, younger brother to Mackey, who was introduced here a few weeks ago. Yogi is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who also happens to be a rescue – and after meeting this sweet guy, I can’t imagine how anyone couldn’t fall in love with him! I don’t think that his previous owners were very nice to him, so I’m so happy that he has found such a loving home. And those *ears* – I just can’t get over how cute they are!

Corgi Smiles




Yogi - Dog Photography



One cute two year old should be followed by another cute two year old! Meet my good friend Parker, who also happens to be a farmer in the making. Or perhaps a dog trainer? Just look at the attention he gets from his doggie friends – I’m thinking maybe I need to hire him to assist me!



Parker & Sadie

Parker Puppy


Parker, Sadie & Frankie

Parker Smiles

Parker & Maya

Liza + Rodrigo

While in Indy, I met up with my good friend Liza and her friend Rodrigo in Broad Ripple for what turned out to be a really fun portrait session! Talk about naturals – I’m pretty sure these two aren’t capable of taking a bad picture. I had a great time and am so glad that we had the chance to get together – here are just a few of my favorites:

Liza - Indy




Liza - Black & White


Liza - Broad Ripple

Liza & Rodrigo


Mick – Great Dane/Lab Puppy

Mick is an 8 month old Great Dane/Lab mix puppy with the most amazing eyes ever! He’s absolutely adorable *and* he has spots – I think he would fit in just perfect with my spotty dogs, don’t you think?

Since it’s a gloomy morning here in (not-so-sunny) Florida, I thought I would share a few fun and funky shots to help brighten your day…

Mick - Too Cute!

Mick Puppy

Beautiful Eyes