Meet Cosmo | Golden Retriever

Note to self: If you casually mention that you have only had to postpone one session this year because of rain (even while knocking on wood), it will *most definitely* rain. Such was the case for Cosmo’s session – as soon as we walked outdoors, it started to pour! Fortunately we were able to get some lovely shots indoors, and a few more outdoors when the rain finally let up. Gotta love Florida weather!

Cosmo is a very handsome 6 year old Golden Retriever. And like most Goldens, he’s a very happy, happy boy! I just love how regal he looks in these images…even with a few silly Golden smiles! Here are just a few of my favorites…

Florida Pet Photographer


Golden Retriever Photography

Cosmo - Golden Retriever

Sarasota Dog Photographer

Golden Smiles!

Thank you, Cosmo, for a fun session, despite the gloomy weather! Oh, and for my currently scheduled clients, there is a very good chance that it will rain. It might even storm. We will most likely have to reschedule.

Mother nature, are you listening? ¬†(I’m thinking some reverse psychology might be the answer here.) ūüôā

Riley + Finn | Golden Retrievers

Who doesn’t love a pair of Golden Retrievers? Meet Riley and Finn – two of my favorite Goldens, who also happen to be Peyton’s very best friends. They’ve been featured here before, but now Finn is all grown up – he just recently turned one year old! Although Riley will be four soon, you can definitely see the family resemblance.

Riley & Finn - Golden Retrievers

Riley is just a tad bit obsessed with his Chuckit! balls…you might remember his GulfCoast DOG cover shot from last summer. I’m thinking he could easily have a career as a Chuckit! spokesdog!

Chuck-it Fan!

Riley with his Chuck-its

Golden Retriever Photography

Finn looks so much like a puppy in this shot…what a baby face!

Sarasota Pet Photography

Finn - Golden Retriever

Don’t let their cute and innocent faces fool you – these guys are ferocious…RAWR!! ūüôā

Playful Goldens

The GulfCoast DOG Magazine

I am so excited to announce that the summer 2009 issue of The GulfCoast DOG magazine is now available online. And featured on the cover is none other than (drum roll please…) one of my favorite photos of Riley the Golden Retriever!

It’s truly an honor to have one of my photographs gracing the cover of this exceptional magazine. In my opinion, it’s one of the very best dog magazines around – not only for the fabulous content, but because you just can’t find a greater supporter of the Florida pet community! I know the publishers put their heart and soul into providing a top notch publication for their readers AND somehow manage to find the time to support countless local events, animal rescues, and dogs in need.¬†

Please check out the latest edition of The GulfCoast DOG Magazine online – and be sure look for the print version to arrive soon to a pet friendly retailer near you! Oh, and be sure to check out the information on The GulfCoast DOG Pet Extravaganza coming up on Saturday, October 17. 2009 at the Sarasota Bradenton International Convention Center. If you’re a pet lover in Florida, this is one event you will not want to miss!

GulfCoastDOG Cover!

New Gallery Wraps – Simply Spotted Photography

I thought I would share my newest gallery wrapped canvas prints – they are simply delicious! I always have the hardest time when it comes to selecting my favorite images to showcase, but I absolutely had to have these three.

First up is one of my latest favorites – this is Sophie sporting one of her famous upside down smiles. It’s one of those images that brings a smile to my face every time I see it. Doesn’t it just make you want to go lay in the grass on a beautiful sunny day?


This second print is one of my favorite images of Indy (one of my spotty dogs) – It’s bold, edgy and just pops with color and contrast…totally my style!


And finally, something a little different – this is one of my all-time¬†favorite images of Sarasota, and it’s absoluetely stunning on canvas! The colors are amazing – this picture doesn’t do it justice.


In honor of my latest arrivals, I’ll be offering a special 20% discount on gallery-wrapped canvas prints during the month of July. This offer is valid for both new and existing clients – please contact me for details!


It’s Friday. Peyton & I are¬†headed to an agility trial.¬†Life is good.


And yes, I am totally obsessed with Sophie’s smiles…they’re just so darn contagious!

Sweet Sophie

If Finn is the cutest golden puppy then Sophie has to be¬†the cutest senior golden. She is¬†extremely sweet and greets everyone with a big smile¬†–¬†right before¬†she promptly flips on her back for a belly rub! I have many, many photos of her upside down. . .it’s a good thing she has a great smile! I love-love senior dogs. . .I think she and (my) Pongo would make a very cute couple.






Golden Riley

Riley is the middle child. . .at almost 3, he’s still in many ways just a puppy.¬†¬†He’s a big mamma’s boy, has some mad talent when it comes to tennis balls, and is also a great agility dog. Oh, and he obviously is a fabulous (and tolerant) big brother to Finn!