Chief Waldo + Biker Brock

Olive the ballerina is a tough act to follow, but Chief Waldo and Biker Brock are pretty darn cool. I love Waldo’s costume (hand-made, by the way) and Brock pulls off the biker look very well…although he really isn’t a tough guy! I had such a great time – thank you Kristi (and family) for having me over for some early Halloween fun!

Chief Waldo

Halloween Bulldog

Handsome Brock

Tough Brock

Olive the Ballerina

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing three awesome pups! I met two of them earlier this year so I knew that this was going to be a really fun session. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed – three dogs + costumes + five human wranglers + cheese = a big mess…but it was so much FUN!  I thought I’d start with pictures of little Olive, who is going to be a ballerina this Halloween – what a perfect costume for this pretty girl!

Olive the Ballerina

Halloween Pet Photography