Gizmo + Jazz | Happy Endings

Meet Gizmo and Jazz, two very sweet girls that haven’t always had such a happy life. They were both rescues from the Humane Society of Sarasota County, but were certainly not “easy” adoptions. Gizmo spent a lot of time in the shelter and was labeled un-adoptable because she was so fearful, and Jazz was returned to the Humane Society *four* times before she found her forever home. And what a perfect home they now both have! Thanks to their awesome humans (including a HSSC volunteer mom!), these two are proof of just how much love, patience. and positive training can do.

These girls are both around 6 years of age and are very active – both train and compete in the sport of flyball and Jazz recently received her first two legs toward her novice rally title! Don’t they just look like two peas in a pod? Clearly they were meant for each other…

Gizmo cracks me up – she’s a very clever girl. I think her mom is a little sad to see her “greying”, but she’s still a beauty!

An Jazz is so expressive – she has such beautiful brown eyes. I don’t see how anyone could *not* fall in love with her!

Big thanks to Gizmo, Jazz and family for a fun session *and* for being such an inspiration for rescue dogs everywhere – shelter pups rock!