Meet Jake

I headed down to Venice yesterday afternoon to meet Jake, a 12 year (young) Chow/Husky mix and his family. What a fun bunch!  Jake is a real sweet guy – I was warned that he never took treats from people he didn’t know, but within minutes we were best buds. What can I say; I bring good cookies! Jake has some serious rock-star hair complete with natural highlights, and the softest, thickest coat I think I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine the amount of shedding involved and I have Dalmatians – a breed known for shedding 365 days a year!

We had a great time, and I want to thank Jake and his family for having me over for a really fun session!

Venice Pet Photography


Jake Smiles

Jake - Venice Florida

Meet Mackey!

Mackey is an 11 year old Rottweiler/Bull Mastiff mix who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in September 2008 and was given just one month to live. Well, it’s been nearly a year and he’s still going strong! Other than a slight limp, I thought that he looked fantastic and I can only hope that he continues to enjoy life as long as possible. He certainly is a very special and happy guy. A big thank you to his mom for having me out while I was in Indiana – I really enjoyed my time with Mackey and his brother Yogi, who you’ll be meeting very soon.

Mackey’s story is such an inspiration and a reminder that our time with our furry friends is much too short. Every day is such a gift – now go hug your pups!

Mackey Smiles

Mackey - Indiana Pet Photography


Country Boy



Meet Blue, Mick’s big sister and one of the coolest dogs I know. And just like Mick, she has one blue eye and one brown eye. She also isn’t a big fan of having her picture taken, but wasn’t about to let Mick get all of the attention. I love how she managed to casually make her way into some of these shots!


Blue & Mick



Mick & Blue

Mick Chicken?

Remember Mick, the extremely cute great dane/lab puppy I posted about a few weeks back? Well, he’s getting bigger every day – and apparently he’s decided that my camera is *not* to be trusted. I really can’t blame him…I have heard that big cameras are known to swallow up cute puppies!

With the help of some cookies, I think I almost have him convinced that being a doggie supermodel isn’t that bad. Almost. In the meantime, he’s earned the nickname “Mick Chicken”. Thankfully, even though he doesn’t love the camera, I think the camera still loves him – I just love his expressions!

More of Mick Chicken and his big sister Blue coming soon…



I see you

Mick Chicken?