Gandalf + Sirius

Gandalf is a Newfoundland  – a sweet and beautiful boy who at just two years old, is dying from bone cancer. I can’t imagine what his family is going through…we are never given enough time with our beloved companions, but to face a loss at such a young age is incomprehensible. And needless to say, every single moment is precious.

In the short amount of time I spent with them, one thing is clear…there’s definitely no shortage of love in this family. And to see the way Gandalf looked at them…it was so very special.

Gandalf - Newfoundland


Gandalf has a big brother named Sirius, who is six years old. I fell in love with his big soulful eyes…such a very sweet boy.

Sirius - Newfoundland

My heart aches for Gandalf and his family, but I hope that their images will bring smiles and comfort in the days to come. Now, my friends, go hug your pups…and remember that every day is a gift.