Meet Angel

Angel is a 5 year old Lab/Golden mix – I think that makes her a Labragolden? In any case, she is a very sweet, very playful, and very pretty girl!

Angel - Labragolden

Port Charlotte Dog Photograper

Angel is pretty much a frisbee nut  – *all* she wanted to do is play with the frisbee. So we played! I just love her expression in this image…so intense!

Frisbee Nut

Unfortunately Angel got pretty hot playing outside and started to look a little like a grizzly bear with the world’s largest tongue…

Oh my!

So we decided to move inside so she could cool off. Luckily for me, I had a beautiful red wall to work with!

Florida Pet Photographer

And finally one more image of Angel’s kitty friend. Sorry kitty…I don’t remember your name, but please don’t jump on my head!

Florida Cat Photography

Thanks again to Angel and her family for a great session!

Chief Waldo + Biker Brock

Olive the ballerina is a tough act to follow, but Chief Waldo and Biker Brock are pretty darn cool. I love Waldo’s costume (hand-made, by the way) and Brock pulls off the biker look very well…although he really isn’t a tough guy! I had such a great time – thank you Kristi (and family) for having me over for some early Halloween fun!

Chief Waldo

Halloween Bulldog

Handsome Brock

Tough Brock

Olive the Ballerina

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing three awesome pups! I met two of them earlier this year so I knew that this was going to be a really fun session. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed – three dogs + costumes + five human wranglers + cheese = a big mess…but it was so much FUN!  I thought I’d start with pictures of little Olive, who is going to be a ballerina this Halloween – what a perfect costume for this pretty girl!

Olive the Ballerina

Halloween Pet Photography


Waldo’s Tattoo

This morning I photographed my good doggie friends Waldo and Olive (and a new friend named Brock) in their Halloween costumes. They were all extremely cute and I’ll have pics up soon, but first I had to share a picture of Waldo and his dad’s very cool tattoo! When I found out that he had gotten a tattoo made from one of the pictures I took during our last session in March, I was so excited – I’m pretty sure this is the first time one of my images has been made into a tattoo!

So here’s a few pictures of Waldo and his tattoo – note the olive on the toothpick (in honor of his little sister) – way cool!

Waldo Tattoo!

Waldo - Bulldog

Bulldog Tattoo