Yogi the Corgi | Indiana Pet Photography

Meet Yogi, younger brother to Mackey, who was introduced here a few weeks ago. Yogi is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who also happens to be a rescue – and after meeting this sweet guy, I can’t imagine how anyone couldn’t fall in love with him! I don’t think that his previous owners were very nice to him, so I’m so happy that he has found such a loving home. And those *ears* – I just can’t get over how cute they are!

Corgi Smiles




Yogi - Dog Photography


7 Dogs + 1 Kitty = FUN

I think I set a personal record today by photographing seven dogs in one sitting! This was a really neat bunch – all rescue dogs with the exception of one, and a wide range of personalities. Here is just a little sneak peek at just a few of my favorites…

First up is Corey – Sheltie with attitude and future agility star.


Next is Beezer, a Keeshound mix – love that smile!


And Eddie, the Beagle – gotta love Beagles!


Then there’s Lil Dog, who is um, a little dog. Bichon to be exact.

Lil Dog

And Sheena, another Keeshound with a very cool cut.


Next is Cassie, another Beagle. Did I mention that I love Beagles?


And last but certainly not least – Casey, the yellow lab.


Oh and I can’t forget the kitty! He was the session supervisor.


Whew. Hopefully I got all the names straight! Thanks Elizabeth, for having me over to photograph your kids – it was fun!

Lucky – Black Lab

I’m starting to think that it must be black lab week! No complaints here though – I happen to love labs and Lucky was no exception. This pretty girl is almost three years old and is also a rescue. (Hooray for rescue pups!) She was a great little model and even though we had to cut our session short due to thunder in the area (she is *not* a fan), I still managed to get some nice shots, and had a great time with her and her family. Lucky is one very lucky girl!


I love-love her eyes, and that smile – what a happy girl!

Happy Lab!

Here Lucky is demonstrating her awesome “leave it” skills…very impressive!



Pretty Girl

And finally, Lucky showing off her pout – who could possibly resist that face?!

Pouty Face